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‘Atithi devo bhava’, loosely translated in English ‘The guest is equivalent to God’. We’ve been blessed to have guests who swear by the experience we provide them. We at Elefantastic make a real effort to provide our guests an enjoyable travel experience without compromising on quality service at a good price.

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This is our happy place, one where we proudly show off all the love and appreciation we receive from our beloved guests. We truly hope to see you here too!


Our guests from all over the world show us some love!


While I was planning my trip to Rajasthan last year, spending a day with elephants was on my bucket list. The elephant is my favorite animal and my dream came true thanks to elefantastic.in! The team was so friendly and always available for help. They came to pick us at the hotel on time and the day at the sanctuary was just fantastic. My dad and I have so many great memories of Elefantastic and whenever we get the chance, we would love to go back for sure without any hesitation

Katie Durga Welsh

I have been lucky to visit Elefantastic twice. Both times, I got to hang out with Lakshmi the elephant and it was so amazing! Before I visited, I did a lot of research on ethical elephant treatment, as that was really important to me, and elefantastic.in ticked all the boxes. 😄 You see that when you are there too – they genuinely love those elephants! My favorite memory of Elefantastic was my second visit when Lakshmi clearly remembered me, flapping her ears and purring at me. It was so very special! 🥰 Both the times I visited Elefantastic, I’ve had an absolutely amazing experience and I can’t wait to return!

Jackson Sandusky

Last year, I visited Elefantastic and I had no idea when I woke up that we’d be riding elephants and giving them baths! Our teacher took us there on a surprise visit, and at first, I was scared because of course, elephants are so majestic. Eventually, I warmed up to them, and they cooled me off with a big splash of water! It was an amazing experience. What I loved the most about the experience was how gentle the elephants were with us. They were amazing!

Mary Quarmby

I visited Elefantastic twice — in 2017 & then again in 2019. The visits we have had to Elefantastic have been some of the best times in my life. I loved the experience there! The elephants are so at home and loved at Elefantastic, you can feel it in the air.

The care that is given to the elephants is wonderful and all the mahouts seem so in touch with them. We had lunch at Rahul’s mum house which was delicious and it was lovely to meet his Mum. Will definitely be back to experience all of this again!

Kedves Ágota

I was lucky enough to have visited Elefantastic with two other friends back in November 2018. This visit was undoubtedly among the highlights of our trip to India for many reasons. The fact that we were able to meet, touch, observe, and play with the elephants from such a close distance was a great experience on its own.

The whole experience was very special to us, and we are remembering these moments, people and animals with a smile on our face and lots of love in our hearts. Thank you for your attention and affection for both these beautiful creatures we got to meet and know, and for your visitors. You are something special!

Megan McCauley

I visited Elefantastic in Jaipur back in 2017 when I was a college student. I was visiting New Delhi with my study abroad program and some of us students decided to take a weekend trip to visit Jaipur. We ended the day at Elefantastic, where we were able to learn about bonding with the rescued elephants by feeding and painting them. As the sun was setting, the journey came full circle as we got to ride the elephants into the sunset. Elefantastic really impressed me. The staff was kind and welcoming, and I learned a lot about how connecting with the elephants before riding them is a vital part of the process. I also loved that these elephants have been rescued and rehabilitated from difficult situations, and get to have a new life here at Elefantastic. I would recommend this experience to anyone, and would love to visit again someday. It is certainly an experience I will never forget.

Vanessa Attard

Back in 2013, it was my first close encounter with an elephant, and I was blown away by the beauty of this animal. So huge but so gentle and loving! After visiting Elefantastic, I can say that I fell deeply in love with elephants! So much did I fall in love with them, that I got a tattoo of an elephant done on my ankle. I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so I can travel back to India and I will definitely be visiting Elefantastic for a day or two to help out, learn and enjoy the love that these elephants give. 🐘❤️


Elefantastic was the best experience I’ve ever had, being able to be surrounded by beautiful creatures made me realize how beautiful nature is and made me feel so connected to them. It was simply magical, an experience I will definitely repeat. Also, talking with the elefantastic team, remind me that good people with good souls still exist. I was amazed by all the work behind them and how they are committed to their beautiful elephants. Thank you so much Elefantastic for giving me the opportunity to experience such a memorable day. Can’t wait to go back.

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